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Cyber Security Awareness and Countermeasures

This course contains five modules as follows: 
Cyber Forensics and Malware Investigation
You will develop the skills, methodologies and processes to conduct in-depth computer and network investigation, including malware analysis and reversing techniques.
Information Security in Practice 
You will study threats to information security, technologies used to detect and combat them, and techniques and tools used to manage and investigate incidents.
Penetration Testing and Exploit Development
You will study network and host-based penetration testing tools and techniques and methods for vulnerability detection, exploiting development and countermeasures. This course provides the information needed in order to obtain ethical hacking and exploit development certifications.
Cyber Threat Intelligence
You will study techniques for detecting, responding to and defeating organised cyber crimes and cyber war activities, analysing successful and unsuccessful advanced persistent threats and malware campaigns.


This program is for every internet user who wishes to browse in a secure manner to protect his/her data and ICT Infrastructure while providing counter measures to cyber attacks.

• Learn how to protect you PC and data from ransomware and other spyware that ravage your devices.
• Protect your self from Cyber Bulling and Social Engineering.
• Learn how to create and avoid trojan virus
• Learn how to detect malware and how to stop it
• Learn how to scan systems and networks for vulnerabilities
• Become a cyber security expert