Chess is a recreational game but also a sport, which is played on a board. This game is one of the most, if not the most popular and well-known among board games all over the world, being considered a strategy and intelligence game, and a good player must already advance what the moves his opponent will make.

Differentiation – the game of chess teaches children all they need to stand out from the crowd and be set apart from their peers.

  • Beneficial Hobby– Chess has been proven to strengthen a child’s reading and math skills.
  • Increased Focus– Studies have shown that children who play chess have an increased attention span.
  • Builds Patience– You’ll be shocked that your child’s patience tolerance will increase due to playing chess.
  • Multiplies Learning Capacity– Studies show that chess is responsible for growing dendrites in the brain which increases brain power, potential and capacity.
  • Strategy, Planning and Foresight– Your child will become an expert at strategy, forming a plan, and having great foresight.
  • Critical Thinking– Today’s educational system is not set up to allow a child to think critically. Chess is a game that forces a child to think and to analyze on a critical level.